2014 Price List 

Board(If you are on a lesson package)


(Per Month)

Board ONLY -(No lesson package)


(Per Month)

Training Board(Includes: riding approx. 4 rides/week, care/grooming, tack/untack)


(Per Month)

Board(6 months or less)


(Per Month)

Lesson Package(Includes: up to 8 lessons per month)


(Per Month)

Lesson Package Plus(includes: up to 8 lessons and 4 rides per month)


(Per Month)

*Clipping(Ears, Muzzle, Etc.)


(Per Service)

*Mane Pulling


(Per Service)

*If both done at the same time


(Per Service)

Body Clipping(Ponies) – Includes Tranquilizer


Body Clipping(Horses) – Includes Tranquilizer



On Farm Lessons/Riding

Horses / Ponies(Stabled at Winstar Farm) $55.00
Horses / Ponies(Not stabled at Winstar Farm) $65.00


Horse Show Services

Training Only $60.00

(Per Day)

Training with Partial Care $45.00

(Per Day)

Partial Care(Includes:  AM feeding, Clean stall, Lunging, PM feeding) $35.00

(Per Day)

Living Expenses(3 or less clients going to show) $35.00

(Per Day)

Living Expenses(4 or more clients going to show) $20.00

(Per Day)

***There will be a service charge of $100.00 (schooling shows) per horse if client cancels within 7 days prior to leaving for the show and $200.00. Rated shows within 14 days prior to leaving for horse show (except in the case of lameness)





(Per Month)



(Per Month)



(Per Month)



(Per Month)

Hoof Supplements


(Per Month)

One thought on “Pricing

  1. Carole,
    It was great to meet you and see your lovely facility. I will give you a heads up well before our arrival and send a deposit
    I’ll revisit March at lesson time.
    Thanks, Lynn Boshart

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